Summoning Your Inner Skater!

In today's update we'll take a look at the character sheet, which will allow us to talk a little bit about character creation.


In Summon Skate you have 3 core attributes:

Athletics - Your physical capabilities (also helps you use Attack Figures)

Willpower - Your mental capabilities (also helps you use Healing Figures)

Magic - Your magical capabilities (also helps you use Special Figures)

Each attribute starts at 7, and you have 5 extra points to split between them at character creation. No single attribute can go above 11 points. All the rolls in Summon Skate will be against these 3 core attributes. Summon Skate uses a 2D6 roll under system, meaning when you want to do something you will roll 2 6-sided dice. If the result is lower than your attribute, you succeed. This means with a stat of 11 you will almost always succeed in your rolls. But don't worry, the game will still be plenty challenging!

Summon Gear

Every Summoner has a preferred method of getting around. Some will use ice skates, some will use surfboards, some will use wheelchairs, some will use sleds... there are all sorts of possibilities! These pieces of equipment are known as your Summon Gear. There are several categories of Summon Gear, each with special Tricks associated with them. Tricks are special movement abilities you can use once per battle. Picking your Summon Gear and Trick will give some unique spice to your character and help you imagine how they move around in battle.

Possible Contract Rank

Characters pick up Figures - their summons - throughout the story. However, you can also start with a few Figures right from character creation. Each character is allowed to have permanent contracts with Figures as long as the total Rank of the Figures is not higher than the character's Possible Contract Rank. This number is taken directly from your Magic attribute, so higher Magic means you can handle more (or stronger!) Figures. Every few levels you get a multiplier added to this Possible Contract Rank, allowing you to form contracts with even greater Figures!

Contracted Figures

This handy little section lets you keep track of all the Figures you have contracted, including their summoning diagram and effect. No need to flip through the book looking them up each time you want to use them!

Common Skills

These Skills are shared by every character and can be used every round of combat. They are both very useful skills and you should make them a core tool in your strategies.


Your Style is basically your class or job in Summon Skate. This allows characters to further specialize into different archetypes. There are Styles that focus on offense, defense and healing, with different Style Skills you can mix and match. After a few levels you can even take Skills from other Styles to further customize your skater.

Between your Summon Gear, your contracted Figures and your Style and Style Skills there are tons of ways you can specialize your very own figure skater! Become the summoner of your dreams and tackle Chaos with your friends!