You were cast out of heaven
Bound to a newborn human
Your only ticket back is worship.

You were born with a heavenly gift
A minor god all your own
Now the world cries for your power.

God and human, bound by destiny
Each with desires of their own
Will you be a legendary pair?
Or will your partner lead you astray?

Destiny Bound - Carve your own mythology

In this unique partner system RPG, you and another player are paired up to play a fallen god and the human they’ve been bound to. You each have your own paths to walk, and your goals may often have you at cross purposes. But you’d better figure out how to live and work together, since the world is full of factions and monsters looking to manipulate and tear you apart.

  • A unique pair roll system that emphasizes the themes of the game
  • A deep modern fantasy world with roots in Japanese Shinto beliefs
  • Extensive support from the creators - multiple expansions/supplements already exist!